• The Rising Sun… The early bird catches the worm?
Yes our name ‘The Rising Sun’ comes from the idea that we always want to raise our style at the highest… and maybe reaching the ZОnith some day?

• Why did you choose to sing in English?
It happened naturally. The language of the styles inspires us, the tones stand out better… And French would limit us to export the band widely.

• Where do you find your inspiration?
In a world forgetting humanist values and preferring individualism and profit… A world full of injustices but mostly full of beauty – simple, ubiquitous and delectable beauties human beings tend to forget about… This is what our tracks are about – through love and political songs.

• Does each member play a role?
Yes of course! Ylias composes and writes the songs. He rehearses with a pretty precise idea and we work on it together, everyone making his own contribution. The ‘Rising Sun’ sound results from this mix…

• You’ve got a lot of musical influences, don’t you?
Yes we immerse ourselves with as much music as possible, but our basic influences come from rock, funk, blues, jazz, soul and even rap! If you like Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, John Mayer, D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, BB King or Jamiroquai…
You can also hear pop or Oriental parts in our album. We’ve created our own music using all of this.

• Is it the same for the writing?
Less – John Mayer’s writing inspires Ylias a lot regarding the layout of the different parts of the songs and the words he uses. Blues is strongly marked, as well as Funk and Soul… In short it sounds very African-American-like! Rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Notorious BIG also have an influence on the way Ylias writes, especially regarding the rhythm.

The Rising Sun won the springboard IMAGINE FRANCE 2015

The Rising Sun finished 2nd in the WORLD Zagreb competition, en décembre 2016.